Business Reinvention for Telecoms

Open Innovations

Telecom companies are masters of business reinvention – you have had to be!


Every social, technological and regulatory change over the last 30 years has resulted in an almost continuous wave of reinvention – from state-owned monopolies to openly competitive entrepreneurs; from network owners to virtual telcos; from a world of fixed telephony to a world in which mobility becomes the default; from simple providers of commodity voice services to full quad-play offerings.


The question now, is what next?  How can you take advantage of the changes which apply to you and your competitors to continually create new business openings and new streams of sustainable revenue?


Telecommunications is the foundation of our new digital society – but you need to make it your own:

  • What part will machine-to-machine and the Internet-of-Things play in your future?
  • What about entertainment and online video?
  • How does the personal digital economy fit into your development strategy?


Make Atos your partner in this exciting exploration of new digital opportunity. We are ready to share our own specialist experience and proven expertise in specialties including:


  • SDN and NFV - Accellerate secure adoption of the new network paradigm
  • SOA and BPM - Application integration – especially over mobile – is key to reinvention
  • WiFi Calling - Not just tactical, WiFi calling is now a catalyst for new business alliances
  • Dynamic Service Catalog - Now the key to responsive real-time provisioning
  • 3rd Party Enabler - Make your telco the natural gateway to a world of 3rd party products
  • Convergent Charging and Billing - Putting effective monetization first in dynamic new product mixes


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